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Leaving Cert Music

Leaving Cert Music

Welcome to the Music Department!

Mr Aidan McColgan.

Leaving Cert music builds on the foundations that are taught at Junior Cycle.

What do we study?
As part of Leacing Cert Music you study the three key components of music:

  • Listening (25% of overall mark)
  • Composing (25% of overall mark)
  • Performance (25% of overall mark)

TOTAL = 75%
Where is the other 25%?

The Elective! (The Missing 25%)

As part of Leaving Cert Music – Students study an ‘elective’. This makes up for the extra 25% of
their total mark.

Ordinary Level – The 25% is added to the section you score the highest. (Listening, Composition,
Performing) For most students this is performing.

Higher Level – Students choose which section to add the extra 25% (Most choose performing).
This means that for most students their performance exam in April is worth 50% of their overall
grade. Meaning that most students will have already passed before sitting the paper in June
(Provided you complete a good practical).

Listening Section

Set Works
You will analyse four set works. These are pieces of music that you must analyse and answer
questions on. You will study two in each year.
The Four set works for your year are:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
2. Romeo and Juliette – By Tchaikovsky
3. BACH - Cantata "Jesu Der Du Meine Seele‘
4. Barry – Piano Quartet

You will also have questions on irish music and an unprepared listening piece that examines your listening skills that you have developed over the two years of senior cycle.

Composing Section

You have two composing questions to complete in the exam. Each carry equal marks. One
question on Melody and one question on Harmony.

  • Compose a 16 Bar melody – Similar to the melody continuation question at Junior Cycle just
    extended by 8 bars!
  • Backing Chords – Similar to Junior Cycle just extended by 8 Bars and you must add the note to
    the Bass line.

Performing Section

Performance is marked in a practical exam that normally takes place in the two weeks leading up to the Easter Holidays of 6th Year.
It is roughly 15 – 25 Minutes depending on your performance pieces.

Ordinary Level – Perform 2 Pieces and One Music Technology piece
Higher Level - Perform 4 Pieces and one music tech piece.

All students then complete an unprepared test. This is normally a ‘clap back’ exercise.

Some Points to Note!

  • Year after year, the subject where students achieve the most H1’s is Music.
  • The majority of students sit music at higher level. (6000 sat HL in 2018, 600 sat OL).
  • Unlike other subjects, There is very little ‘chance’ with LC music, everything you study will appear
    on the paper somewhere!

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